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Why Is Selling Like Playing Golf?

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Well let's see;

1. Every hole in golf is different, even though you might think a par 4 is just a par 4, wrong! Same with every sales call.

2. Your first shot in golf from the tee is key, get it wrong and you might not make par. Just like a first call to a prospect.

3. Choose the right club for each shot you make. You wouldn't use a driver on a short par 3. Don't try to close too quickly, play for position.

4. Plan the hole, is it a short par 3(maybe a possible close), or a long par 5( need to build the base, take several calls), study the final putt carefully for the final approach, seldom straight (know your closing argument).

5. Recognise the hazards, water, bunkers, rough, doglegs, bad lies (just like objections, have your answers ready).

6. Matchplay is like a sales call, watch your opponent's play, you might need to adapt, know when to press (don't just push with your plan, listen for clues, adapt your approach).

7. If you've made a bad shot, don't dwell on it, learn from it, recover with your next shot (watch the customer response, learn from it, use the right next move).

8. The game is not over til you walk off the course (very true in sales, especially in enterprise selling, you have to look beyond the first tee, and keep focused for the game not just the hole).

9. Have you got the right 14 clubs for this course, maybe several wedges for close in accuracy (make sure you have all the collateral, the business case, the map of the course and distances, the references, etc).

10. If you don't play golf, time you started!!

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