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The Author

Robert Woodland Ferrari

Passionate Sales Professional and Author of the Sales IMPACT


I have been working in a sales environment for over 50 years. Not just selling stuff but selling ideas, selling fund raising opportunities and many other activities related to getting people to buy into my plans. This time amounted to a lot of sales as well as a lot of challenges. I learned that reaching the pinnacle of sales requires a highly specialised set of skills and these skills can be acquired by anyone who is prepared to invest some time on learning . These skills are underrated by many people and this includes people who work in a sales role, some of whom do not know what good looks like. Many people fail to associate their successful sales performance with the brand they carry only to find out that they lack the skills to sell successfully when the brand is removed. I wrote this series of books to help people achieve their personal goals by identifying the skills they need to refine and improve their sales performance. Poor sales performance can cause anxiety and distress but this can be alleviated by focussing on self-improvement and the Sales IMPACT books will improve your sales skills.


Robert Woodland-Ferrari is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute in the UK.

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