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Never Underestimate Or Disrespect The Person You Are Selling To

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

You might know your product, you might have all the techniques, you might think you have a business case, but what do you know about the person you are meeting? Do your homework, even if it is your first meeting. Experienced sales people have all had poor calls, and might not admit it, but some of them might have come from being over confident, “I can wing it”, “can handle the objections“ but it didn’t quite work out. Do you know how long he( or she) has been at the company, previous positions, any background knowledge? Check linkedin these days, useful to read recommendations as well. Do you know anybody who knows him, check out? If you have met before, how would you analyse his style, there are some techniques on this aspect. Is he decisive, does he like detail, or short answers? Is he relationship oriented, or more cold, focused?

Practice the call in your mind. Finally, think the call from his perspective, do you really know what he is looking for? Be prepared, fail to plan the call, plan to fail.

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