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The Successful Sales Professional (Sales Impact Book 1)

The Successful Sales Professional (Sales Impact Book 1)


Selling is at the heart of any business, and anyone can learn to do it. Drawing on over forty years of sales experience, the author has identified the ingredients that make up all successful salespeople and has created the Sales IMPACT series to help you obtain and develop these skills and attributes. 

The Successful Sales Professional delivers a successful sales training programme in bitesize chapters, each containing a wealth of directly applicable tips and techniques. Through a comprehensive guide to the personal qualities and techniques that are essential for a successful career in sales, this book will give you the tools you need to hone your skills as a sales professional. 


Sales IMPACT is a comprehensive sales training and development series that shares the essentials of the sales process so you can meet the demands of the modern sales environment. 

By enabling you to dip into the elements of selling that you recognise you need to master or improve, the Sales IMPACT series provides a flexible programme that meets individual needs and contains the distilled experience of many years of successful selling by some of the top professionals in this field. 

This unique process of self-study in small, easily digestible segments not only improves knowledge retention but significantly reduces time out of the selling environment.

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