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Online Sales Training

'Selling Skills' is an online video training course that helps those looking to become better at selling in their business, to better connect with, and win new customers.

Our online video course consists of 18 chapters. Each chapter is introduced by an online training video of around three to four minutes in length and is supported by FAQS, downloads, additional reading and community forum.

Selling Skills has been written by sales experts, with many years experience in improving individuals across all sectors.

A subscription to 'Selling Skills' will allow you to:

  • Improve your sales skills by learning the tips, techniques and strategies needed to win more sales
  • Learn and develop the skills needed for you to be a success in sales
  • Improve knowledge and retention of content as you will have on-going access over a 12 month period
  • Have access to the video course on your mobile before an important customer meeting where you can brush up on what you have learned and get motivated so that it increases your chances of success
  • Reduce your training time and cost as training content is broken down into bite sized chunks that can be accessed anywhere, anytime in your own time
  • Learn from leading sales experts and discover all of their tips and techniques that are proven to work

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What does the course provide?

We believe in bitesize training chapters, which are both digestible and entertaining, so each Selling Skills video chapter is around three to four minutes in length and designed to be viewed as a single training session, giving learners enough time to view, pause and review the content, before moving to the next chapter. 

A subscription to Selling Skills gives learners 12 months unlimited personal access to the online training videos, community forum and additional training resources. Subscriptions can be renewed at any time with a 50% reduction for resubscribers

Organisations wishing to purchase multiple subscriptions can manage and monitor all their learner's progress through our administrators dashboard. Click Here To Learn More

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How much does the course cost?

The cost of this course for each learner is £180 (ex VAT) paid at the start of the 12 month subscription. This includes 24/7 access to the 18 training chapters, community forum and additional resources. Learn More

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